Live passionately before not living at all
Think happy thoughts
I wish my skin color was this dark it would be gorgeous

Play session: I was the trinket rich port and Sir pillaged me and left nothing uncovered.
Reality I face every single second

Wow I am so glad that the people who actually cared for me finally gave up on me. I’m no ones worth. What is the point of anything anymore. I’m back to phase 1. Don’t let people walk over you they said you are strong they said. No one told me that it was a good idea to let them walk over me, I wish I knew instead of trying so hard to feel like I could make them proud by being so independent. He always makes me choose and he always wins because his only way to communicate towards me is to threaten me. He knows how to break me and it works every time. Bravo you’re a real man you know. Call your daughter stupid enough times she believes it, hit her enough times she accepts it, brainwash her for years she can no longer figure out what a normal conversation is without trying so hard to be careful with what she says. I hate to think about this because I’ve only felt like this when I was in middle school after being sexually assaulted for three years by the same three guys. When I attempted suicide it wasn’t supposed to be labeled as an attempt I was suppose to be gone already but I had friends who saved my life, I saw things people only dreamed of. My family made the effort to show up and make sure I was ok but they didn’t say anything to me they just did it for appearances I know they did. I have no good memories of my life. Why! Why why why WHY!!! I don’t tell my friends how my life really is, I only post the good things to show I’m normal I’m not broken pssshh how pathetic. I’m pathetic. I’m just a girl with daddy issues.