Live passionately before not living at all
You changed my perspective.
I’ve been able to look into the future and not run away. 
I know what it means to start a family. 
I see it in your eyes everyday you see me. 
My life is a soap opera 
Yet you put up with it.

You changed my reality.
No jewels, no fancy clothes. 
Living life with such simplicity.
Just love, loving you loving me
I feel it when you are out in public with me.

You changed my heart.
No longer cold, and numb.
I want to be here waiting for you.
Feeling ever so wanted by your family.
I cannot wait until my parents want you too. 

You changed.
You grew.
You fell hard.
You said until the end of time. 

I said.
"we live in a world where pain is romanticized and romance is painful"

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