Live passionately before not living at all

Things I want in my life right now:

1. Friends who will no longer be hurting from their pasts
2. For my sister who feels like she’s “the other daughters sister” and has no social life and becomes an aggressive eater to find love and happiness through discovering herself
3. For my dad to love me as much as he can but never ever talk or see me again ever
4. For my boyfriend to be where he wants to be with his life and no longer stress over the obstacles he is facing
5. For my dog to love love love and give me a warning when his lights go out so I can prepare
6. For my moms health to come back up and get off her medication and not let her husband destroy her self worth.



waistacolous #nsfw #bustypetite
Going back to wearing my middle part.
Love it. Too bad it’s not real.