Live passionately before not living at all
100 years+

I watch tons of documentaries about many different things but everything that I watch has such an impact in different ways. The world is filled with such chaos that even documenting it makes such a small difference because people don’t care. They rather worry about school, and sex, and drugs and work and making money. We document the problems that are occurring in the world and as soon as the film is done, the article is put down, a book has been finished, an audio tape recorded, a cover story in the news has been wrapped up. Everything is good and forgotten, like all the problems just went away. I’m to blame, you’re to blame, we all do it we all get worked into our own lives. We all die sometime so look at it this way… Who cares! Sigh*

We all really need to understand something, if money makes the world go round let’s do something with it. Oil spills in the ocean, global warming, 5% tuna, 5% sharks left are you kidding me, murderers set free! child molestors! domestic violence! Corrupt cops, drug wars, children dying in swimming pools, parents leaving their kids in incredibly hot cars, terrorism, rape, war, child molestation,theft! Much more… So many unspeakable acts we all ignore because we’ve become numb. What can we do, what will we do? How can we make a difference? What will our generation be like in the next 100 years? As cliche as this is.

It starts by a person being selfless, yes take care of your responsibilities and then take care of someone else’s not because it’s a burden but because we need to, we have to, we should! The world is our health. We work, we get an education so we can make a difference in our lives and others. Now let’s take that a step further.


Drama Queen 
Nikita Kaun